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An architectural self-criticism: The accessibility analysis of Berlika Park Swimming Pool

Basit öğe kaydını göster Demirkan, Özlem 2016-12-30T08:16:13Z 2016-12-30T08:16:13Z 2016
dc.identifier.citation Demirkan, Ö. (2016). An architectural self-criticism: The accessibility analysis of Berlika Park Swimming Pool. Iconarp International Journal of Architecture and Planning, 4 (2), 108-129. tr_TR
dc.identifier.issn 2147-9380
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dc.description.abstract Urban designers and architects have to clearly understand the physical features and needs of the people they are designing for. In the designing process fields such as anthropometry, biomechanics, ergonomics, biology and physics require scientific verification to architects. But it can easily be forgotten that there are physically-challenged persons. All users experience any place by using their ability to move and perceive. If designers don’t take into account the special circumstances in the design process for physically-challenged persons, the accessibility of the place becomes impossible. At the same time a sustainable and an accessible place is truly a sign of urban rights being recognized. In this context, human rights are not only important for disciplines such as law, sociology, psychology and political sciences but also they must be important for design disciplines such as architecture, urban and interior design. This research based on the rights to exercise for physically-challenged persons aims to analyze the accessibility of the place. I was a member of the design team and today an active user of the facility-Berlika Park Swimming Pool-chosen for this study. Photographs were taken of different areas of the facility not compliant with TSE standards -TS9111 - TS 12576. Within this context, the structure was examined in terms of mobility constraints under the titles of accessible route, the arrangement of immediate surroundings of the building, arrangement of the entrance of the building, arrangement of the accessibility inside the building, signs, elevators, and fire emergency alert systems. The problematic areas of the building were identified and analyzed. This research aims to make the building more accessible place and a new modification project is being planned. But it is necessary to examine the building or the environment during its design process and solve the problems without the need of renovation project. The design standards for everyone should be considered in the contracts. At the same time, the accessibility plates should be asked from the architects. tr_TR
dc.language.iso en tr_TR
dc.publisher Selcuk University Faculty of Architecture tr_TR
dc.subject Accessibility tr_TR
dc.subject Ulaşılabilirlik tr_TR
dc.subject Swimming pool tr_TR
dc.subject Yüzme havuzu tr_TR
dc.subject Konya tr_TR
dc.subject Berlika Park tr_TR
dc.title An architectural self-criticism: The accessibility analysis of Berlika Park Swimming Pool tr_TR
dc.type Article tr_TR
dc.relation.journal Iconarp International Journal of Architecture and Planning
dc.identifier.volume 4
dc.identifier.startpage 108
dc.identifier.endpage 129

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