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  • Öğe
    Geometric-zero truncated poisson distribution: properties and applications
    (GAZI UNIV, 2019) Akdogan, Yunus.; Kus, Coskun.; Bidram, Hamid.; Kinaci, Ismail.
    In this paper, a new discrete distribution is introduced by compounding the geometric distribution with a zero truncated Poisson distribution, named geometric-zero truncated Poisson (GZTP) distribution. Some basic properties of the new distribution, such as the hazard rate function, moments, mode, median, etc., are studied. We show mathematically and numerically that the hazard rate function is increasing. The model parameters are estimated by the moment, least squared error and maximum likelihood methods. A simulation study is performed to compare the performance of the different estimators in terms of bias and mean squared error. An application of the new model is also illustrated using the three real data sets.
  • Öğe
    APT-Pareto Distribution and its Properties
    (2019) Kınacı, İsmail; Kuş, Coşkun; Karakaya, Kadir; Akdoğan, Yunus
    Recently, the APT-family has been introduced as a new family of distributions. A special case of this family with exponential distribution is examined in details. In this paper, Pareto is considered as a baseline distribution in APT-family. Several properties of the APT-Pareto distribution such as the moments, hazard rate and survival functions are derived. The maximum likelihood and least square methods are discussed. Simulation study is also performed to get the bias and mean square errors of estimates. A numerical example is given to illustrate the capability of APT-Pareto distribution for modelling real data.