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    On the extremes of surplus process in compound binomial model
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Eryılmaz, Serkan; Tuncel, Altan; Tank, Fatih
    In this paper we study the minimum and maximum levels of surplus process in compound binomial model. These extremes are potentially useful for an investment strategy and .nancial arrangements of an insurance company. We obtain recursive equations for the marginal as well as joint distributions of the minimum and maximum values of the surplus process occurred up to period n under the condition that the insurance company survives at time n. We present illustrative computational results for geometric claim size distribution.
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    On harmonic curvatures of null generalized helices in L4
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) İyigün, Esen
    In this study; we give a relation betweenharmonic curvatures and the Frenet equations of a null curve in a 4? dimensional Lorentz space. Also, we obtain some theorems and we give anexample of a null helix.
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    Selecting the suitable Copula function when only values of distribution functions are avaliable
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Topçu, Çiğdem; Arslan, Fahrettin
    Copula functions is widely known tool to model dependence structure amaong multivariate random variables. In this paper, a special class of copula is called Archimedean is considered. Using bivariate Archimedean copula functions, specifying the dependence structure for modelling bivariate distribution is investigated when only the values of distribution functions are avaliable.
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    Solution of the diophantine equation 4x + py = z2n
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Çenberci, Selin İnağ; Peker, Bilge
    In this paper, we gave solution of the Diophantine equation 4x+py=z4 when p is an odd prime and we considered solution of the Diophantine equation 4x+py=z2n where p>2 is a prime number, n>2 and x,y,z are non-negative integers.
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    A trivariate F distribution of Markov dependent F distributed random variables
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) İşçioğlu, Funda; Bekçi, Muhammet
    The trivariate F distribution comes out with the ratios of the chisquared random variables. In its classical form it has marginals on ?fixed denominator and arbitrary numerator degrees of freedom parameters. However it was reduced to have marginals on fixed (or arbitrary) numerator but arbitrary denominator degrees of freedom parameters in the literature. In this paper we introduce a new form which has marginals on both arbitrary numerator and denominator but in the case of Markov dependent random variables. We represent the distribution of those random variables and by means of the joint probability density function we study the bivariate, univariate and conditional distributions. Also some graphics and numerical results for the correlation between the random variables are given.
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    On the determinant of tridiagonal matrices via some special numbers
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Yazlık, Yasin; Yılmaz, Nazmiye; Taşkara, Necati
    In this study, we obtain the Generalized k-Fibonacci and k-Lucas numbers by using determinants of tridiagonal matrices. Therefore it has been established a new generalization for the tridiagonal matrices that represent well known numbers such as Fibonacci, Lucas, Pell and Pell-Lucas
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    Different linearization techniques for the numerical solution of the MEW equation
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Karakoç, S. Battal Gazi; Uçar, Yusuf; Yağmurlu, N. Murat
    The modified equal width wave (MEW) equation is solved numerically by giving two different linearization techniques based on collocation finite element method in which cubic B-splines are used as approximate functions. To support our work three test problems; namely, the motion of a single solitary wave, interaction of two solitary waves and the birth of solitons are studied. Results are compared with other published numerical solutions available in the literature. Accuracy of the proposed method is discussed by computing the numerical conserved laws L2 and L? error norms. A linear stability analysis of the approximation obtained by the scheme shows that the method is unconditionally stable
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    The stability of Gauss model; having harvested factor
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Saraj, Mansour; Doust, M. H. Rahmani; Haghighifar, F.
    Scientists are interesting to ?nd out "how to use living resources without damaging the ecosystem at the same time". Since the living resources are limited therefore above question is one of important problems that mathematician scientists try to investigate and in appropriate ways to solv this problem. Regarding to the harvested rate is used as control parameters and moreover, the study of harvested population dynamics is more realistic. In the present paper, some predator-prey Gauss models in which two ecologically interacting species are harvested independently with constant or variable rates has been considered and the behavior of locally and globally stability of their solutions have been investigated. The main aim is to present a mathematical analysis for the above model. Finally we investigate some examples.
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    Curves with constant curvature ratios in L5
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) İyigün, Esen
    In this study, we first give a relation between Frenetformulas and harmonic curvatures of a curve of osculating order 5 in L?. Also, we find a relation between harmonic curvatures andccr-curves of a curve in L? and also obtain some results. Finally, we calculate constant curvature ratios ??((k?)/(k?)), ??((k?)/(k?)), ??((k?)/(k?)) of the unit speed time-like curve in L? studied in [3].
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    Mathematical modeling of vapor sorption in pyrene-labelled polystyrene LB thin film studied by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Özbek, Zikriye
    Sorption process by surface plasmon resonance (SPR) was studied by exposing polymeric film coated with pyrene-labeled polystyrene (PS) chains to various concentrations of saturated chloroform vapor. It was observed that the reflectivity changes were fast and reversible. The changes in reflectivity implied the swelling behavior of polymeric film during adsorbtionand can be explained by capturing of chloroform molecules.Fick's law for diffusion was used to quantify real time SPR data for the swelling proces. It was observed that diffusion coefficients (D_{s}) for swelling obeyed the t1/2 law and found to be correlated with the amount of chloroform content in the cell.
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    Scattering by a moving circular cylinder in hertzian electrodynamics
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Polat, Burak
    We provide a general formulation of electromagnetic scattering by an arbitrarily moving material object in the contextHertzian Electrodynamics, which is followed by applications to 2-D canonical problems involving perfect electric conductor and dielectric circular cylinders under plane wave incidence for various modes (uniform, harmonic, rotational) of motion.
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    On the k-generalized Fibonacci numbers
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Yılmaz, Nazmiye; Yazlık, Yasin; Taşkara, Necati
    In this paper, we define a new family of k-generalized Fibonacci numbers. Furthermore, we give sums and recurrence relations of this numbers and obtain generating functions of this numbers for k=2.
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    Recurrence relations for moments of k record values from generalized beta II distribution and a characterization
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Kumar, Devendra; Khan, M. I.
    In this study we give some explicit expressions and recurrence relations satisfied by single and product moments of k record values from generalized Beta II distribution. Further, using a recurrence relation for single moments we obtain characterization of generalized Beta II distribution.
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    Some extensions of a class of pseudo symmetric numerical semigroups
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) İlhan, Sedat; Süer, Meral
    In this paper, we will give some results about some extensions of a pseudo symmetric numerical semigroup in the form of S=<3, 3+s, 3+2s> for s??? and 3?s
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    The Fibonacci length over split extensions of some special groups
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Yalçıner, Aynur
    The main goal of this paper is to determine the Fibonacci length of split extensions over some special groups.
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    A new homotopy analysis method for finding the exact solution of systems of partial differential equations
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Matinfar, M.; Saeidy, M.; Gharahsuflu, B.
    In this paper, the application of a new homotopyanalysis method presented for obtaining solutions of systems of non-linear partial differential equations. Theoretical considerations are discussed. To explain the capability and reliability of the new method some examples are provided. The results show that the new technique is very effective and convenient and comparison of the obtained solutions of this new method with those of applying homotopy analysis method have high accuracy.
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    Mathematical model of the impact of pressure drop on human body
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Haghighi, Ahmad Reza
    Mathematical model for the impact of pressure drop on the human body has been investigated in the present studies. The studies has been aimed at personnel (army and mountaineer) who would be prone for higher altitude effect on the body and to suggest them appropriate measures (as a precautionary or advisory purpose) who either will be getting inducted onto higher altitudes venturing onto higher peaks. The model accounts for heights of altitudes ranging from 4000-6000 meters and accounting for all the possible cardiovascular diseases.
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    Coupled fixed point results in ordered partial metric spaces
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Aydi, Hassen
    In this paper, we prove some coupled fixed point theorems for mappings having the mixed monotone property in partially ordered partial metric spaces. These results extend the main theorems of Bhaskar and Lakshmikantham [10] on ordered partial metric spaces.
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    Flow of micropolar fluid through a porous tube of varying cross-section in the presence of magnetic field
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Srinivasacharya, D.; Shiferaw, Mekonnen
    The steady flow of incompressible and electrically conducting micropolar fluid through a tube with permeable wall of slowly varying cross-section is studied. The fluid motion is subjected to an external uniform magnetic field directed transverse to the flow direction. Assuming small aspect ratio and neglecting the inertia terms, a closed form solutions are obtained for velocity and microrotation components. The profiles of velocity and microrotation components presented for differentmicropolar fluid parameters, magnetic parameter and wall absorption parameter. The variation of wall skin friction is presented graphically for different flow geometries.
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    Approximate solution of the double nonlinear singular integral equations with Hilbert Kernel by the method of contractive mappings
    (Selcuk University Research Center of Applied Mathematics, 2012) Gasimova, Nushaba F.
    In this paper the double nonlinear singular integral equations with Hilbert kernel are solved by contractive mappings method and the rate of convergence of sequential approximations to exact solution is found.