Uhreviye Karşi Seküler; Din ve Televizyon

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Günümüz dünyasında sıradan bireyler gibi din kurumları da kitle iletişim araçları vasıtasıyla mesaj alışverişinin daha sık ve karmaşık hale geldiği bir enformatik toplum içinde bulunmaktadır. Bu durum kitle iletişim araçlarının bir yandan dünyevi olmayı engelleyen; diğer yandan da hızlandırarak hem iyiye hem de kötüye hizmet edebilecek güçlü araçlar olduğu şeklinde popüler kanaatlere yol açmıştır. Bir takım yayınlar bireyin maneviyatına katkıda bulunabileceği inancına örnek olurken aynı zamanda da seyirci kitlesi üzerinde oluşturduğu seküler etki yüzünden eleştirilmiştir Sekülerliğin en önemli neferlerinden olan televizyon, gümüş tepsilerle bireyin önüne koyduğu dünyada, her tür toplumsal dinamiği kendi karakterine uygun bir formda yeniden üretmektedir. Ancak televizyon bu üretimi gerçekleştirirken kendi doğası gereği bilgiyi deformasyona uğratabilmekte ya da bir buğday tanesi gibi öğüterek kullanmaktadır. Öğütülen değerlerden kimi zaman siyaset, kimi zaman hukuk kimi zaman aile, kimi zaman toplumun sıradan ama starlaştırılan insanları, kimi zaman da toplumsal yaşamın en mahrem konuları nasibini almaktadır. Bir çeşit sosyalleştirme ajanı olarak bireyin dünya görüşünün en önemli belirleyicilerinden olan din de televizyon ürünlerinin bir malzemesi olarak tüketilmekte ve tükettirilmektedir.
By the invention of the press machine, which worked manually five hundred years ago, the fact that Western media began to arise has caused a change towards a drift from the church which is an institutional power. And this flow of information and idea, which was previously under the control of the church, has begun to be supplied from new symbolic and cultural centres and systems by the means of public channels in this recent period. For this reason, the most serious major social result of the modern communication technology is that it has challenged the established order of the institutional authority. As a matter of fact, in his work ‘Integral Change in Social Order’ Habermas has stated that the social order equipped with the technological communication network and the recession of religion socially are interrelated. In today’s world, just like common individuals religious institutions have been in an informational society in which message interchange has been more frequent and complicated via mass media. This fact has led to some popular opinion in a way that on one hand, mass media prevent being terrestrial; on the other hand, they are strong medium to serve to both the good and the bad by making it faster. Some kind of publications have been criticised because of the fact that on one hand; they form an example for the belief that they contribute to the individual’s morale, on the other hand; they composed a secular effect on the audience. The most crucial two forces of the socialisation process, religion and mass media, have some functions such as giving a form, creating and adopting value, establishing and controlling order. In this respect, the thought that these two forces compete with each other socially has emerged. As a matter of fact, Steward Hoover has stated that today religion and mass media are trying to taking the control of the same fields in modern life. This is a convergence; namely, to agree in the same point. To look from a different point of view; modern mass media has an extraordinary capacity to destroy both place and time technologically by the ways with really elevated meanings for religious experiences. Mass media could spiritually connect people who are apart from each other, hence; they could make procedures instant that took years in the past. Religious views have been around in different ways of media for thousands of years. It is needed to understand that today the relationship of religion and mass media involves a greater fact instead of assuming their connection is just modern-technological. It should be looked from a broad view from publishing holy scriptures belonging to different religions to the fact that publications about different sects go through all around the world, and; from just like in the example of Muslim recordings of the interpretations of Koran into various cassettes to every kind of religious practice spread in the internet.. Being mass culturally which began by the invention the the press has gained its freedom by TV. Today, the first medium to come to the mind for mass communication is TV. As one of the most important avant garde of secularism the television regenerates all kind of social dynamics in a form is appropriate its character in a world is served in silver plates by television.However while performing this production television may degenerate the information or use it by grinding as a wheat germ.Sometimes politics, sometimes family , sometimes law , sometimes the ordinary people but become stars in our society deal out these grinded values.As a kind of socialization agent which is one of the most important determinings of individual , religion is consumed and we are forced to consume it as a material of television products. Television is the most powerful weapon of consciousness industry with social agenda is created by television all beyond being a spare time spending tool , and a source of current news which is put on the first place by the people are literate or illiterate and intellectual or not.On the other hand , the mass media tools don’t settle for delivering a message about constant consumption in a sense of consume it and a new one , they also apply it and consume each time a new dynamic.Unfortunately even the most private areas deal out the conception consume it and a new one.As the most powerful tool of mass media tools try to enrich its daily content by finding new materials each time and have to start its show by grinding new values. As a matter of fact this situation is crucial in terms of its vital function.The tool has to find out the most followed one and increase the power of the audiences and so protect the economic power. In this case , taking advantage of religion and subjects about it and to account it as a marketing tool are extremely natural results. The television is aware of itself as an entertainment tool beyond an information tool , and so it use such elements like comedy , fears ,blod,tears and physical violence.If a material can not be used in a show also can not be used on television.In fact neither the quality of tool , spared time for subject nor presentation of expressions make the audiences totally get information about the topic.So the result is a kind of concept confusion. In terms of our country’s interests whenreligious series,mediums,authors,theologians,cryptanalists on tv are considered beginning with the programmes fake sheiks and healers are shown ,it has to be searched that how is the religion percieved by especially the young people and taken some measures about it.Because this displayed “view” may cause a misunderstanding about religion among our young people who grow up as technoperson of our age and see the television as a mentor.On the other hand it should not be omitted that religion as an important dynamic of social integrity and consuming it as a material of popular culture may cause some dissolutions in society like the other grinding values.


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Kitle iletişim araçları, televizyon, din, eğlence, Mass media, television, religion, entertainment


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Gülerarslan, A., (2010). Uhreviye Karşi Seküler; Din ve Televizyon. Selçuk Üniversitesi Sosyal Bilimler Enstitüsü Dergisi, 24, 221-228.