Hourly Performance Prediction of Ammonia-water Solar Absorption Refrigeration

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This paper deals with the hourly performance investigation of solar absorption refrigeration (SAR) system with evacuated tube collector and ammonia water (NH3-H2O) solution. The SAR system is presented to simulate the system characteristic variations using hourly atmospheric air temperature and solar radiation data for Adana province in Turkey. The evaluation is performed for the maximum temperature occurrence day on July 29. First, the variations of various parameters, such as absorption refrigeration machine efficiency, condenser capacity and heat transfer rate in the generator and absorber during the day, are calculated for different cooling capacities and generator temperatures. Later, the minimum evacuated tube collector surface area is determined. According to the obtained results, the SAR system is considerably suitable for home/office-cooling purposes between the hours 09:00 and 16:00 in the southern region of Turkey such as Adana province. The most suitable performance of the absorption cooling system is calculated for the generator temperature values equal to or higher than 110 degrees C. The performance coefficient of the cooling (COPcooling) varies in the range of 0.243-0.454 while that of the heating (COPheating) changes from 1.243 to 1.454 during the day. Evacuated tube collector area for a 3.5 kW cooling load capacity is found to be 35.95 m(2) for the region at 16:00 whereas it is 19.85 m(2) at 12:00.


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Absorption refrigeration, COP, Evacuated tube collector, Solar radiation, Thermal energy


Applied Thermal Engineering

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Özgören, M., Bilgili, M., Babayiğit, O., (2012). Hourly Performance Prediction of Ammonia-water Solar Absorption Refrigeration. Applied Thermal Engineering, (40), 80-90. Doi: 10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2012.01.058