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    Volatile organic compound removal using polyurethane based selective membrane
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Nigiz, Filiz Uğur; Hilmioğlu, Nilüfer Durmaz
    In this study pervaporative separation capability of silica incorporated thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) membrane was investigated at different case studies. Representative waste disposal for different industry was prepared synthetically. Toluenewater, chloroform-water, formic acid-water, isopropyl alcohol-water mixture were prepared in concentration of 3 wt. % and the pervaporation experiments were performed at 40 °C. Membrane morphology was analyzed using scanning electron microscopy and polarized optical microscopy. Effect of membrane preparation technique on membrane affinity to the organic mixture was also investigated and the results were evaluated as a function of degree of swelling. Better flux of 0.73 kg/m2.h and a separation factor of 14.9 were obtained at chloroform-water pervaporation. Pervaporation was also effective in toluene-water mixture separation. The quantitative results of the flux was chloroform>toluene>formic acid>isopropyl alcohol.
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    Comparative study between sensorless vector control and nonlinear control for PMSM based on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Maanani, Yacine; Menacer, Arezki; Harzelli, Imadeddine
    This paper presents the performance of sensorless nonlinear control compared with vector control of permanent magnets synchronous machine. The speed estimation is done by Extended Kalman Filter (EKF). The robustness of the control is tested for the parameter variation and for the machine operating at low speed. The simulation results show the robustness of the filter and the overall drive system.
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    Utilization of chrome ore concentration plant tailings as fine aggregate in ready-mixed concrete
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Çelikten, Serhat; Canbaz, Mehmet
    Large amount of the chrome ore concentration plant tailings was discarded during chrome ore mining process. The accumulation of the tailings takes large areas of land for the storage and causes environmental and safety problems. When the annual consumption of the ready mixed concrete per person (approximately 1.5 m3/person) in Turkey is considered, employment of the tailings in the ready-mixed concrete may be a solution for the recovery of the tailings. In addition, using chrome tailings as a substitution for sand to produce ready-mixed concrete is a possible way to solve the resource problem of sand deficiency. The aim of this study is to investigate the utilization of the tailings taken from a chrome ore concentration plant in Eskisehir, Turkey as fine aggregate in ready-mixed concrete production. For this purpose, the tailings were partially replaced with the fine aggregate by the weight at 0, 10, 20 and 30% proportions by weight in the ready-mixed concrete mixtures. Standard curing is applied until the time of test to the 15x15x15 cm cube specimens taken from the mixtures. The unit weight, compressive strength and ultrasonic pulse velocity values of the cubic specimens were investigated in this study. Performed tests showed that replacing sand to chrome ore tailings has a potential for further investigations.
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    Establishment of an FPGA-based real-time im experimental setup and online im model verification
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) İnan, Remzi; Barut, Murat
    In this study, Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) communication between the ADS 8568 EVM-PDK (Evolution Performance Development Kit) Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) developed by Texas Instrument and Xilinx XC5VLX110T FPGA board is implemented in order to verify Induction Motor (IM) model in real-time. Analog datas obtained from the voltage, current and torque transducers are converted to digital datas by ADC and read with FPGA simultaneously in real-time. Thus, the ??- stator stationary axis components of the stator voltage ( and ) and ??- axis components of the stator current ( and ) are calculated by Clarke transformation. The load torque is obtained by passing the measured signals from the torque transducer through the lowpass filter which is implemented on the FPGA using 64-bit double floating number format. In addition, the signals obtained from the incremental encoder are read by the FPGA after the voltage level shifting with 74LS245P Integrated Circuit (IC), so that mechanical speed (or ) of the rotor can be measured. All measurement algorithms except for the lowpass filter constructed for load torque measurement are implemented with VHDL by using 32-bit single floating numbers. The real-time verification of the rotor flux-based IM model is performed offline before it is implemented on FPGA by using the stator voltages, currents and load torque measured from the IM by using the simultaneous measurement unit in real-time. Thus, an FPGA-based real-time open-loop experimental setup of IM is established for the future works about the estimator/observer based speed-sensorless control of IMs.
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    Effects on the surface quality in the machining processes of the tool vibrations
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Türkeş, Erol; Neşeli, Süleyman; Şahin, Mümin; Selvi, Selçuk
    The problem of surface quality and cutting stability in the machining processes is very important and is strictly connected with the final quality of the product. Therefore, this paper describes a new theoretical model for the dynamic cutting forces of orthogonal cutting in turning. A specific advantage for the presented model is the convenience for vibration prediction. The presented dynamic force model is used to predict variable cutting forces with dynamic cutting between cutting tool and workpiece. This model is considered two degree of freedom complex dynamic model of turning with orthogonal cutting system. The complex dynamic system consists of dynamic cutting system force model which is based on the shear angle (?) oscillations and the penetration forces which are caused by the tool flank contact with the wavy surface.
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    Switched H2 state-feedback control for polytopic systems based on dwell time
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Kemer, Emre; Prempain, Emmanuel
    This paper introduces a H2 sub-optimal approach to design state feedback controllers for switched system with parameter uncertainty. Minimum dwell time stability analysis techniques are revisited and combined with the H2-optimal control to obtain a robust state feedback controller for switched systems. Two kinds of Lyapunov functions have been used to find a switched controller, the time varying and constant controller gains have been given for the switched system. The proposed approaches have been illustrated by means of examples.
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    Studies on mechanical performance of cynara scolymus/polyethylene terephthalate nonwoven composites
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) İzgi, Ayben Adalet; Koçak, Emine Dilara; Şahinbaşkan, Burcu Yılmaz; Merdan, Nigar; Ardıç, Büşra
    Global warming, energy consumption and the desire to obtain products from renewable sources have led to a resurgence of interest in plant-derived products. Plant fibers with some interesting inherent properties like cost, effectiveness, renewable, available in high quality, have low fossil-fuel energy requirements, and can offer good mechanical properties has attracted it use for composite materials. Hemp, jute, flax, bagasse, coconut fiber, and bamboo are among the natural fibers which has attracted attention because of their low cost compared to synthetic fibers such as glass, carbon etc. Natural fiber reinforced composites are finding successful application in the automotive, electronics, and engineering sectors. In this study, Artichoke (Cynara scolymus) fibers are obtained from the West Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Firstly the stem of plant was removed than the fibers were gained. Nonwoven surfaces were obtained at different percentages by to the mix Cynara scolymus / polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers. The mechanical properties (elongation (%), tensile strength (N), modulus of elasticity (MPa)) of composite materials were investigated. The mechanical properties of non-woven surface composites of Cynara scolymus/PET fibers were observed with increases in elongation value, strength value and elasticity modulus values compared to a 100% PET based nonwoven surface. In addition, the contact angle values of nonwoven surface composites based on Cynara scolymus/PET fibers were decreased.
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    Pavements covered for heat isolation to get pedestrian thermal comfort
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Gökay, Mehmet Kemal; Doğan, Kemal; Yaşar, Cihan
    Civilization has been analyzed mostly with urbanization which coincides with the usage of stone and later concrete and steel in constructions. Nowadays we have been realized that construction materials used for houses, apartments, roads and pavements surrounding us create local microclimate which influences our living comfort. Local temperature increases due to asphalt roads and concrete pavements have recently been determined and they are remarkably effective in our everyday life. Usage of different types of aggregates in concrete mixtures to cast concrete pavement blocks might effective to decrease air temperature on the pavements. Therefore heat-resistant rocks were used to produce different sized aggregates where different plasters were produced from them to coat standard concrete pavement blocks. Pavement blocks plastered were then put under sun to test their surface temperatures. It was observed that heat-resistive materials used in plaster concretes influence heat distribution in the blocks and surface temperature of the concrete pavement blocks.
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    Design of floating point PI current controller for speed control of IPMSM using FPGA
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Altaey, Abdulhasan; Kulaksız, Ahmet Afşin
    The PI Controller can be considered as the essential part for efficient Speed Control of the Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor. In digital control, two platforms exist to implement this controller, namely DSP and FPGA. The FPGA is more preferred than the DSP due to the concurrent facility. To obtain the full facilities of the digital control and for high accuracy speed control of motors, floating point PI Controller should be used instead of the fixed point. The problem of the FPGA is that it is programmed using VHDL or Verilog which deals only with fixed-point representation. This paper shows a full design of floating-point PI Controller using Altera DE2i-150 platform and Altera Megafunctions. The results are proven using two simulation platforms ModelSim-Altera Starter Edition 15.0 and Matlab Simulink.
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    Order based emigrant creation strategy for parallel artificial bee colony algorithm
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Aksoy, Alperen; Aslan, Selçuk; Karaboğa, Derviş
    Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm inspired by the foraging behaviors of real honey bees is one of the most important swarm intelligence based optimization algorithms. When considering the robust and phase divided structure of the ABC algorithm, it is clearly seen that ABC algorithm is intrinsically suitable for parallelization. In this paper, we proposed a new emigrant creation strategy for parallel ABC algorithm. The proposed model named order based emigrant creation strategy depends on sending best food source in a subcolony after modifying it with another food source chosen sequentially from the same subcolony at each migration time. Experimental studies on a set of numerical benchmark functions showed that parallel ABC algorithm powered by the newly proposed model significantly improved quality of the final solutions and convergence performance when compared with standard serial ABC algorithm and parallel ABC algorithm for which the best food sources in the subcolonies directly used as emigrants.
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    Dynamic analysis of structures which are inspired by lattices of metals
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Güler, Serkan; Yıldız, Murat
    Design of structures that are inspired by the Nature is gaining attention in the latest year and many studies on the lattices of the materials are being conducted. And for designing, beams and truss structures are widely used elements. Thus, when designing new structures, getting inspired by those lattices and making use of those beams and trusses might prove to be advantageous. Maintaining the estimated lifetime of the structures is also an essential factor. So, it is essential to determine the characteristics of the structures such as the deflection, stresses and more. When determining those structures, finite element analysis can be used effectively. In this study, the lattice inspired models were constructed. Inverted L-frames, inverted U-frames and 3D frames were designed by using those models. Then to analyze those structures, finite elements method was used. The frames were subjected to four different input forces which were generated by using their total weight multiplied by 10, 20, 50, 100 coefficients. The results demonstrated that these designed structures can be used in many areas such as aviation, space, construction. Also, those structures can be used as the core part of the sandwich composites.
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    Estimation of unbalance cost due to demand prediction errors using artificial neural network
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Tümer, Abdullah Erdal; Yavuz, Cankat; Koçer, Sabri
    Estimation of energy demand is used as an important tool for decision makers determining company strategies and policies. Apart from this, the fact that the actual consumption differs from the forecast is harmful for the economy of the company and even for the economy of the big scale. In this study, it is aimed to estimate the imbalance aberration caused by demand forecast deviation with Artificial Neural Networks and to evaluate its results.
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    Performance comparison of different sized regions of interest on fish classification
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) İşçimen, Bilal; Kutlu, Yakup; Turan, Cemal
    In this study, different sized regions of interest were obtained from fish images and these were used for fish species classification. A previously proposed region of interest obtaining method was upgraded in order to acquire wider regions of interest. Depending on general accuracies of classification performances, comparison between these regions of interest was made. According to comparison results the effects of the different sized regions of interest were discussed for classification purposes of fish species. This study was performed by using a database which consists of 1321 fish images. These fish images include fish samples from 16 fish families and 35 fish species. All images were colored in RGB color space. But two different feature sets were extracted for fishes by examining images both in RGB and HSV color spaces. Feature extraction was performed by using a color based method. For each color space, seven statistical features were extracted from each component of the color space. Two feature sets were acquired for each fish sample by combining the extracted statistical features according to color spaces. The obtained feature sets from RGB and HSV color spaces were used separately for classification purposes. Classification was performed according to families and species by using Nearest Neighbor algorithm as classifier. According to classification results, the best performances on general accuracies were achieved as 93.5% and 91% for fish families and species classification respectively.
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    Implementation of virtual reality enhanced continuous performance test designed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder diagnosis
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2018) Kasapbaşı, Mustafa Cem; Eyüpoğlu, Can; Urut, Tuna Baran; Turan, Yusuf; Karaağaçlı, Alper Osman; Sezgenç, Yusuf Can
    The purpose of the study is to implement a virtual reality (VR) enhanced continuous performance test (CPT) specifically designed as an aid to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis with the newest enabling technologies. To realize such an objective, firstly, the VR technology enabled ADHD diagnosis methodologies are investigated and required metrics are analyzed. Then, a new model is constructed in order to measure the required metrics and an assessment methodology is adopted to evaluate such metrics to cooperate with the created VR application. As the contribution, a new measurement model and procedure are presented and the effectiveness of the system is going to be examined in future studies.
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    Bir mobilya işletmesinde iş güvenliği uygulamaları ve bunların işletmeye maliyeti
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2016) Ulay, Göksel; Engür, M. Osman
    Türkiye’de mobilya sektörünün önemli bir bölümü küçük ve orta büyüklükte işletmelerden (KOBİ) oluşmaktadır. Bu işletmelerin iş sağlığı ve güvenliği (İSG) karnesinin zayıf olduğu ve bunun eğitim/bilgi eksikliği, yüksek maliyet algısı, kurum içinden ve dışından İSG hizmetlerine erişim yetersizliği vb. birçok nedenin olduğu bilinmektedir. Özellikle bu işletmelerin işveren ve yöneticilerinde güvenlik maliyet getirir algısı diğer nedenler arasında ciddi bir sorun olarak karşımıza çıkmaktadır. Bu araştırmada, bir mobilya işletmesindeki İSG uygulamalarının yıllık maliyeti ortaya konulmuştur. İş güvenliği konusu, insan kaynağının en değerli kaynak olduğu perspektifinden değerlendirildiğinde sektör ve ülkemiz için son derece büyük önem taşımaktadır. Mobilya sektöründe olumlu uygulama örneklerinin yaygınlaştırılması ve bilgi eksikliklerinin biran önce giderilmesi gerekmektedir. Bu amaçla masif mobilya üreten örnek bir işletmede kişisel koruyucu donanımları satın alma, güvenliğe yönelik bakım ve yasal iş güvenliği eğitimlerinin yıllık maliyetleri tartışılacaktır.
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    Saunaların önemi ve tarihsel gelişimi
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2016) Altınok, Mustafa; Kale, Barış; Yaşar, Mehmet; Yaşar, Ş. Şadiye; Alkan, Elif; Fidan, M. Said
    Doğada, sıcak ve soğuk olmak üzere birbirine zıt iki kutup vardır. Sauna bu tezatların bir uygulama mekanıdır. Sauna, hava ve su vasıtasıyla soğutulan bir sıcak hava banyosudur. Bu banyo ile insan bedeni, soğuk ile sıcak arasındaki doğanın mücadelesini küçük çapta da olsa uygulamasını yaşamaktadır. Buna göre; sauna, sıcak ile soğuğun etkileri arasındaki sonsuz çekişmeyi temsil etmektedir. Sauna, bu iki büyük tesiri ideal bir şekilde bünyesinde toplamaktadır. Bu nedenle, özellikle az güneş gören Finlandiya gibi kuzey ülkelerinde ve Avrupa’da yaygın bir şekilde kullanılan, ancak ekonomik ve kültürel nedenlerden dolayı ülkemizde çok fazla bilinmeyen saunanın tanıtılması amaçlanmıştır. Bu çalışmada, saunaların tarihsel gelişimi, önemi, özellikleri, çeşitleri, sınıflandırılması ve faydaları hakkında literatür taramaları yapılmıştır.
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    Restorasyonda ahşap yapı elemanlarının karbon fiber takviyeli polimerler (CFRP) ile güçlendirilmesi
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2016) Muratoğlu, Ahmet; Uysal, Burhanettin; Kurt, Şeref
    Bu çalışmada; ahşap yapı elemanlarının güçlendirilmesinde kullanılan karbon fiber takviyeli polimer uygulamasının, ahşap yapı elemanlarının mekanik performanslarında meydana getirdiği değişim miktarının belirlenmesi amaçlanmıştır. Bu amaçla; Doğu kayını (Fagusorientalis L.) ve Sarıçam (Pinus silvestris L.) odunundan hazırlanan örnekler CFRP ile bond 200M epoksi macun ve poliüretan esaslı yapıştırıcı kullanılarak güçlendirilmiştir. CFRP ile güçlendirilen bu örnekler, statik eğilme direnci, çekme gerilmesi ve basınç direnci deneylerine tabi tutulmuştur. Sonuç olarak; tarihi yapıların restorasyonunda yapılan güçlendirme çalışmalarında ahşap yapı elemanlarının, eğilmeye zorlanan bölgelerinde, CFRP şerit çubuk kullanarak tek yönlü bir güçlendirme yapılabileceği, fakat çekmeye ve basınca zorlanan bölgelerinde tek yönlü güçlendirmelerin yeterli olmadığı sonucuna ulaşılmıştır.
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    AB sürecinde Türkiye mobilya işletmelerini bekleyen fiziksel çevre sorunları
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2016) Karademir, Devrim; Koç, Küçük Hüseyin
    Türkiye Mobilya Sektörü AB ile entegrasyon sürecinde yapısal iyileştirmelerin hızla yapılmasına ihtiyaç duyulan önemli sektörlerinden biridir. Sektörün AB ile uyumlaştırılması için çalışma ortamlarının AB mevzuatında tanımlanan teknik direktiflere uygun hale getirilmesi gerekmektedir. Bu çalışmada Türkiye mobilya endüstrisi işletmelerinin çalışma ortamlarının AB teknik mevzuatına fiziksel çevre faktörleri açısından uyum koşulları değerlendirilmiştir. Bu amaçla işletmeler, termal konfor, gürültü, aydınlatma ve özellikle AB için kritik bir faktör olan odun tozu maruziyeti parametrelerine göre incelenmiştir. Araştırma sonucunda işletmelerin %90’ında çalışma ortamı odun tozu maruziyeti sınır değer olan 5 mg/m3’ün üzerinde çıkmıştır. Bu çerçevede Türkiye Mobilya işletmelerinin mevcut yapıları çeşitli parametrelerle değerlendirilerek uyum koşulları tartışılmıştır.
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    Türkiye mobilya işletmelerinde tedarik süreçlerinin değerlendirilmesi
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2016) Öztürk, Emel; Koç, Küçük Hüseyin
    İleri teknolojik sistemlerin kullanıldığı günümüz dünyasında işletmelerin rekabet ortamında yer alabilmeleri, müşterilerin taleplerini optimum düzeyde karşılamalarına bağlıdır. Ürün ve hizmetlerin talep edilen zaman ve miktarda karşılanması, kalite beklentisinin karşılanması kadar önemlidir. İşletme süreçlerinin doğru yapılandırılması ve yönetilmesinin yanında, işletme dışı etkenler de ürün ve hizmet kalitesini etkilemektedir. Sistemdeki önemli süreçlerden biri olan tedarik süreci, diğer süreçlerin başarısını doğrudan etkilemektedir. Mobilya endüstrisi, ürün ve bileşenlerin çeşitliliği, parça sayısının çok fazla olması, geniş bir aralıkta değişen temin süreleri, fazla envanter bulundurması gibi karmaşık yapısal özellikleri dolayısıyla fazla sayıda tedarikçi ile iletişim içinde bulunmakta ve çeşitli problemler ile karşı karşıya kalmaktadır. Çalışmada Türkiye’nin farklı bölgelerinden 61 mobilya işletme örneğinde tedarik süreçleri değerlendirilerek, sektörün sorunlarına yönelik çözüm önerileri tartışılmıştır.
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    Türkiye mobilya satış değerlerinin örnek bir yapay zekâ uygulaması ile tahmini
    (Selçuk Üniversitesi Teknik Bilimler Meslek Yüksekokulu, 2016) Hazır, Ender; Koç, Küçük Hüseyin; Esnaf, Şakir
    Son yıllarda inşaat sektöründeki gelişmeler, nüfus artışı, kişi bazında gelir düzeyinin yükselmesi, uluslararası ticaretteki gelişmeler gibi birçok faktörün etkisiyle mobilyaya olan talep hızla artırmıştır. Ancak talep artışının tahmini, etkileyen faktörlerin çokluğu ve içsel etkileşimleri dikkate alındığında önemli güçlükler içermektedir. Çalışmada 2004-2013 yılları arasındaki temel göstergeler kullanılarak, 2023 yılı mobilya talebinin bir yapay zeka yöntemi ve regresyon analizi tekniği kullanılarak tahmini gerçekleştirilmiştir. Araştırma sonucunda, çok değişkenli regresyon ile tahminde yaklaşık 24 milyar dolar, yapay zeka yönteminde ise 21 milyar dolarlık bir talep tahmini elde edilmiştir. Bu sonuçlar, vizyon 2023 hedefleri doğrultusunda Türkiye mobilya sektörü için belirlenen satış değerlerinin gerçekleşebileceği şeklinde değerlendirilebilir.